Attention MySims TV Staff and everybody else who sees this! As the title says "Halloween Things", I'd like 2 do some things Halloween related here on MySims TV, MySims Wiki, and Party Celebrations for Creations Wiki. Now, I'm going 2 need some help with this stuff, so I'd like everybody who sees this 2 all pitch in and help me out with the following things. These things are jobs that I need at least one of you guys 2 do per job. Here they are:

1. I need somebody 2 make Halloween Costumes for MySims Characters. If you already have a costume and you wouldn't like 2 have another one, that's okay.

2. I need somebody 2 make/find a Halloween Background for Party Celebrations for Creations Wiki.

3. I'm going 2 make some Halloween Wallpaper for each wiki. If you are a member on any of the 3 wikis and you'd like 2 be in the wallpaper, please tell me. You can be in multiple wallpapers if you'd like.

4. I'd like everybody 2 make their own little Halloween skit. It's no contest, (unless you want it 2 be) and you can vote for whichever skit you liked the best.

5. Just like the person who thought of the pinapple, (who put the pinapple on here, anyway? That's so cool.) I'm going 2 get a mascot for this year's Halloween. Unless you guys would like 2 have that Pinapple as the Halloween mascot as well. I'm going 2 create a poll below and I'd like everybody 2 vote on which mascot we should use. Whichever one has the most votes will be the Halloween mascot for this year.

Which mascot do you want 2 be the mascot for Halloween on this wiki this year?

The poll was created at 17:30 on October 11, 2012, and so far 1 people voted.

Please comment 2 volunteer on which job you'd like 2 do for the wikis. If I need anything else Halloween related for the wikis, I'll list it above. Thanks, guys! :)