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  • Prince12

    Halloween Things

    October 11, 2012 by Prince12

    Attention MySims TV Staff and everybody else who sees this! As the title says "Halloween Things", I'd like 2 do some things Halloween related here on MySims TV, MySims Wiki, and Party Celebrations for Creations Wiki. Now, I'm going 2 need some help with this stuff, so I'd like everybody who sees this 2 all pitch in and help me out with the following things. These things are jobs that I need at least one of you guys 2 do per job. Here they are:

    1. I need somebody 2 make Halloween Costumes for MySims Characters. If you already have a costume and you wouldn't like 2 have another one, that's okay.

    2. I need somebody 2 make/find a Halloween Background for Party Celebrations for Creations Wiki.

    3. I'm going 2 make some Halloween Wallpaper for each …

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  • Prince12

    Hey guys! I've noticed how inactive this wiki is, and since the Founder, C-Dog (Wii maniac) is no longer on here, he put me incharge of this wiki! So, I'll try 2 be as much help as I can be. Ok. I'm an Admin on this wiki now. Thank you, Randy for promoting me. Ok. Time 2 revive this place and add new stuff as well. 2 kick off the revival, I made my very own game and it's right below this message. Here:

    I also need your guy's help with what characters I should use in this game. It's my first game, and I'd like each of you 2 vote on this. At least 2 give me a start so I can also have my own ideas for the next game I make. Here:

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