Wii maniac

aka Wiilson, Chris, C-Dog

  • I live in Poopieville, Oregon
  • My occupation is Writer and at night........CAKEQUESQUO! THE SPANISH CAKE HERO!
  • I am Unknown, sadly.
Wii maniac MySims TV

Hello! I'm Wii maniac! I'm co-C.E.O. of MySims TV.

About WiiEdit

I am an actor, video gamer, and writer. I always try my best to get parts in musicals and plays. I always try to get the next big thing in gaming (mostly when it's Nintendo). And I love writing stories on MySims Wiki. I also like cake and soup!

History in C.E.O.nessEdit

When I joined MySims Wiki in December 2009, I created Sim Survivor and soon made Maniacal Productions. I was going strong for a while until my inactiveness in August that went through September and mid-October. When I came back, everything just wasn't going as well. Then, I made a descision in May 2011 to ask the C.E.O. at a nearby not-so-active company to merge with Maniacal Productions. That C.E.O. was Tardisgirl98 and her productions agency (Tardisgirl98 Productions) agreed to merge. And soon came about MySims TV.

Shows & GamesEdit

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