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The Sim Race is the second show by Wii maniac. The first was Sim Survivor. It aired within the year of 2010. It had 12 episodes.


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The show revolves around a race around the MySims World. It pit 12 teams up against each other to make it to the finish first. At the end of a leg, someone would be eliminated. The finale consisted of three teams: Jimmy and Hisao, Wolfah and Magellan, and Paul and Nova. At the finish line, the animal team of Wolfah and Magellan were crowned the winner of The Sim Race and won 5 million simoleons. Jimmy and Hisao won a half of a million simoleons for reaching second place, and Paul and Nova received 5,000 simoleons by getting 3rd place.

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Here is the hosts and contestants of The Sim Race.


  • Roger- Main Host
  • Marlon- Pit Stop Host
  • Ikara- Narrator


  • Barney
  • Chaz** ***
  • Dolly
  • Esma
  • Ol'Gabby
  • Ginny***
  • Hisao
  • Hopper
  • Jimmy***
  • Luis
  • Magellan
  • Matt
  • Morcubus* ***
  • Professor Nova
  • Ms. Nicole
  • Paul
  • Pablo
  • Renee
  • Rosalyn
  • Summer***
  • Trevor
  • Vincent
  • Violet***
  • Wolfah***

Color represents teams

-*Was a contestant on Sim Survivor

-**Returned as a replacement, now a contesant on The MySims House

-***Will be in Sim Survivor: All-Stars

Show elementsEdit

The Sim Race consists of many different elements.


Clues get you from one place to another and gives you challenges.

Route InfoEdit

A Route Info clue gives you information that will get you to the next clue.


A Detour is a challenge where you must choose between two tasks to complete. After you complete one of the two tasks, you will receive the next clue.

Road BlockEdit

A Road Block is a challenge where only one person can compete. After the challenge is done, you will receive the next clue.

Fast ForwardEdit

An Fast Forward comes up once in a race. If a team completes an Fast Forward task, they will be able to go to the Pit Stop without having to go through the entire leg.

U-turn/Double U-turnEdit

A U-turn is when a team puts a team's picture on an available U-turn board and comes up after a Detour. That team will have to turn back and do the other Detour challenge.

Pit StopEdit

A Pit Stop is where a leg ends. This is where a team might be eliminated.


Once again, the show was it hit. Many users enjoyed the show. There was even a rivalry to see who would win: either W&M or J&H.

Future SeasonsEdit

The Sim Apprentice (Wii maniac) followed after The Sim Race ended. However, it was cancelled a year later and was replaced with the currently running show The MySims House.