Its about you trying to defeat Morcubus in Snowboarding. Youll have some Friendly racers with you that will help you and some Rival racers that will go against you. And theres also A mode where you have 2 do tircks in each location.Do this by unlocking charactors.And completing time trials will earn the charactors some new outfits. Youll have 3 world cups then you have to race Morcubus after the 3rd cup.


In Mysims Snowboarding there are Story mode, multiplayer mode, Wi-fi multiplayer. In story mode, you create your own sim and snowboard, Then youll do the tutorial, Then you will start racing and doing tricks. Once you done all that you can do those world cups and go against Morcubus. In multiplayer mode, You have three things you can do. Theres showoff race and Happiness. Showoff is when you and 3 other players do tricks. Whoever gets the most points wins. In race theres you and 2 (or more) players racing you can also do tricks on there also. In Happiness is just you and another player going head to head on a race, or showoff challenge.In wi-fi multiplayer. You can play with your friends or Anyone in any mode that the game has. Up to 8 players can join 1 game.

Level 1Edit

  • Martin - Your Tutor
  • Poppy-Friendly racer
  • Buddy-Friendly Racer
  • Travis-Rival Racer
  • Chaz-Rival Racer
  • Mel- Rival Racer

World Cup #1

Level 2Edit

  • DJ Candy-Friendly
  • Chef Gino-Friendly
  • Vic Vector-Friendly
  • Ray-Rival
  • Ginny-Rival
  • Blaine-Rival

World Cup #2

Level 3Edit

  • Rob-Friendly
  • Gothboy-Friendly
  • Austin-Friendly
  • Summer-Rival
  • Sylvia-Rival
  • Jenny-Rival
  • Ginny-Rival
  • Samurai Bob-Rival
  • World Cup #3(against every morcuworker except morcubus)
  • Morcubus-Last Level Rival


  • You
  • Chaz
  • Travis
  • DJ candy
  • Chef Gino
  • Buddy
  • Vic Vector
  • Ray
  • Rob
  • Jenny
  • Summer
  • Violet
  • Martin
  • Poppy
  • Sylvia
  • Liberty
  • Gothboy
  • Ginny
  • Zoe
  • Makoto
  • Maria
  • Rhonda
  • Renee
  • Rosalyn
  • Roxie Road
  • Roger
  • Star
  • Shirly
  • Sasha
  • Sandra
  • Samurai Bob
  • Pinky
  • Patrick
  • Nicole
  • Master Aran
  • Flipper
  • Austin
  • Randy

and more

Morcubus's teamEdit

  • Morcubus
  • Mel
  • Blaine
  • Raphael
  • Brandi
  • Sir Vincent
  • Svetlana
  • Rose
  • Dragomir
  • Morcubots


  • The city
  • The kingdom (all islands)*
  • The forest
  • The town (adding the town name)
  • The desert

    Mysims Snowboarding Wii cover art